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Go All The Way Together Through Thick And Thin

Categories:Company News      Release time:2022-01-28

From January 21st to January 24th, 2022, the annual summary meeting of Zhejiang Xinke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the company's conference room. This meeting was attended by personnel from all departments of the company to share the performance achieved by the company in 2021 and clarify the development plan for 2022.

年会拼图 (1).png

The meeting revolved around the annual summary of the company's sales, administration, technology, production, and quality, work deployment and future development planning. At the meanwhile, it also commended the annual outstanding employees and outstanding new employees, and issued certificates and bonuses.





The year of 2021 is an extraordinary year. Adhering to the company's business philosophy of "Technology first, Quality first, Customer first", under the leadership of our general manager Mr. Fang, all people are united and united to achieve rapid development.

In the year of 2022, all Xinke people will go hand in hand, stand together through thick and thin, and build a more brilliant tomorrow together!

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